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Transforming The Worldwide IT Market

The Crowd Computer Demo is Here

Watch The Video And See How Crowd Machine Is Revolutionizing App Development

Crowd Machine’s ability to deliver apps to market at speed, combined with its ease-of-use and the interoperability of its apps with any blockchain, gives it the flexibility and scalability to enable individuals and organizations to realize the industry-disrupting potential of a decentralized IT economy.

Watch the video and see why everyone is talking about Crowd Machine

Included In The Video

  • Crowd Computer Overview

  • Crowd Computer Performance Demo

  • Anatomy Of The Crowd Computer / Full Stack Compute Platform

  • How CMCT (Token) Owners Make Money With Crowd Machine

  • An Alternative Approach To Smart Contracts

  • Announcing The Crowd Machine Blockchain

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As apps increasingly become the interface between people and their personal and professional lives, Crowd Machine lowers the barriers to entry for new tech innovators, allowing anyone, anywhere with English, intelligence and access to internet to equip themselves with skills essential for the 21st Century.

Decentralized apps and blockchain not only help users tackle challenges, but exchange information and value across the internet peer-to-peer with confidence and security, and monetize the emerging decentralized internet.

The Crowd Computer is a highly capable distributed cloud run on the world’s surplus device processor capacity, embedded with a revolutionary app development platform.

Apps on the Crowd Computer are distributed in fragments across the network of devices such as mobile phones and IoT devices, yet function in unison, allowing the Crowd Computer to offer highly scalable processing power and network redundancy, and host sophisticated enterprise-class apps.

Crowd Academy is a journey where you complete seven levels of training to become a certified Crowd Machine Developer.

Crowd Academy’s no-code, drag and drop solution is bug-free and fast. This means meeting needs more quickly and improving competitiveness. This makes Crowd Machine Developers more attractive in the increasingly automated, digital market.

Crowd Academy democratises app development and access to education: No fees, and no prior coding experience required. Just English, intelligence and internet.