Crowd Machine and Sutton Stone Partner to Help ICO Ventures get their Blockchain and Decentralized Apps Built for Free

2017-11-07T23:26:16+00:00 November 7th, 2017|Press Release|

San Jose CA, Nov 7th, 2017 – Crowd Machine and Sutton Stone announced a program to build blockchain decentralized apps in support of ICO ventures, their founders and developers for free. A set of programs aim to assist developers with solid decentralized app business concepts get their products to market much faster using Crowd Machine’s technology.

“One of the key limiting factors to decentralized app and blockchain adoption is the long development times, and outsized delays in getting apps to market,” said Craig Sproule, founder of Crowd Machine. “We want to accelerate the adoption of blockchain and current development approaches take too long to deliver. By using our Crowd Machine technology, we can get apps to market up to 45 times faster. By establishing a large portfolio of stable apps we’ll see much quicker adoption of blockchain and decentralized technology by enterprise markets.” commented Sproule.

Crowd Machine has partnered with Sutton Stone, a consultancy firm focused on blockchain advisory and helping companies through the Initial Coin Offering (ICO) process, to assess the viability of public ICO concepts by combining Crowd Machine’s experience in building apps with Sutton Stone’s experience in the ICO process, cryptocurrency and blockchain field. The partnership hopes to improve the quality of offerings being taken to market and through the ICO process by putting more mature product offerings into the system.

Where a decentralized app combined with a token offering makes sound business sense, the partnership works with the concept founders to build their app and take it to market.

“We currently have four concepts in development that we believe have real value in the decentralized and blockchain markets,” commented James Duchenne, who co-founded Sutton Stone with Adam Richard in 2014. “We believe the ICO market will transition to wanting to see companies with a minimal viable product in market before conducting an ICO. Crowd Machine allows that to happen in timeframes that make sense to the founders who are often funding projects out of their own pockets.” he continued.

The two companies are actively encouraging founders to propose their ideas for assessment, but are being very diligent in selecting those concepts that apply. “We want to ensure the founders we work with have a concept that meets stringent criteria,” added Duchenne. “It’s in everyone’s interest to ensure that the decentralized and blockchain apps taken to market have real value to the users they serve,” he stated.

The partnership believes that the blockchain and decentralize app market represent the future of app delivery, but also understand that it will take time for the market to mature. They’ve teamed up to ensure that the business model and supporting apps have a positive impact on the market development and accelerate its maturity.

Founders can apply for selection into their program at –